SEO services that can promise client’s website must rise to the first page of Google within a certain time with only pay a certain fee should be wary, why is that? Because in reality, the process of SEO is a ‘blind’ process, the task of SEO Services itself is to get the client’s website up to the first page of Google, just trying not to promise. Because many factors a website can go up and down its position in Google search results that Say you are the owner of the online store raincoat and eyeing keyword ‘raincoat’. When ‘raincoat’ is typed into Google, the 10 websites that appear at the first page automatically become your competitors. What SEO Services do is strengthen your SEO website to be able to compete with the tenth SEO website. This sometimes works, but sometimes also fails, especially if the tenth website is also already powered by other SEO Services, the competition becomes a battle between SEO Services. With the best SEO services then you do not need to worry because all the best SEO process will be done by us.

During the rainy season, the keyword ‘rain jacket’ will be more widely used, causing more opponents who target the keyword. It’s good to target the keyword since before the rainy season, so when fighting for the position for the keyword ‘raincoat’, you already have a good backlink. SEO process is not only done by looking for backlinks but also fix the internal online store or client website to be cheaper in Google’s crawl but still does not change the look and function of the online store itself. But many online stores and client websites are made so sophisticated but forget about the features needed for the SEO process, this is complicating the SEO Services. In this case, usually, the SEO Services will ask for these features are provided to facilitate the SEO process.