Stroke is a condition of brain damage or sudden disruption due to blockage or rupture of blood vessels in the brain. Because of stroke usually fatal, even can be life threatening, it’s good we try to understand it better. Whereas the facts on the ground suggest that strokes can affect anyone, even some types of strokes can occur in infants and children. Lately, many strokes have struck people under the age of 65. Most of the causes are unhealthy lifestyles like fattening foods full of saturated fats, eating too much sugar, less rest and exercise, smoking habits, and too much stress. Symptoms of stroke in the elderly and young, actually the same. It’s just that many young people ignore it because they think they may not have a stroke. To reduce the symptoms of stroke or even treat it, you are advised to consume nitric oxide.

Another myth says that a stroke is a type of disease that is difficult to detect. Even so, the facts explain that the stroke is easily recognizable by a self-test called FAST or Face, Arm, Speech, Time (face, hand, talk and time). If a person has decreased facial muscles, usually some facial muscles, legs, and hands become weak, speech or speech stutter and stammer and long, immediately take it to the nearest hospital. The sooner the person gets medical attention, the sooner he will be helped.