Ayahuasca has been known by the Amazonian tribe as a highly effective anti depressant and anti toxin medicine. However, before one’s can be allowed to drink it, they definitely must know the rules and prohibitions that they need to follow in order to drink the ayahuasca tea safely. Unfortunately, having sex 1 week before and after a person drinks ayahuasca or Iowaska tea is necessary.

This rule has been complained by a lot of people who are interested in the treatment. However, the first reason not to have sex before the treatment is that of the trip or the journey to the inner sanctum of one’s mind takes a lot of energy. It’s obvious that having sex will make you sweat a lot, and the energy within you will be let out from your body both physically and spiritually. Another reason is that you need a clean state of mind when you’re going to take the trip without any problem when you’re in your own subconsciousness.