In some companies, property insurance is differentiated from fire insurance, while in other firms fire insurance is part of property insurance. But in essence, property insurance will provide various types of protection against your property or home. These risks include fire risks, violent theft, riots and riots, legal liability to third parties, architects/surveyors and consultants costs, even damaged from being hit by a vehicle. Not only that, the guarantee can be expanded with additional premiums against the risk of hurricanes or storms, floods, water damage and earthquake risks, tsunamis to volcanic eruptions. You should not stick with one insurance company only. It is important to compare the following premiums with the type of protection provided. This aims to facilitate the claim process when your home struck disaster. Broadly speaking, there are four protections provided by the insurance company. Includes protection of home structures, protection of property at home, protection responsibilities, and additional life money when unable to stay home when disaster strikes. Landlord Insurance helps you in the matter of home insurance.

Some insurance companies are not willing to guarantee a house dominated by wood elements. Therefore, wood is a combustible building material. Terms of construction of the recommended house building should use bricks or other refractory materials. Therefore parquet flooring also includes exceptions. For those of you who already have life insurance or car insurance from company A, then you can take home insurance on company A as well (if any). This will simplify the submission process will be easier. In addition, insurance companies will usually provide discounts or special offers attractive, to consumers who use more than two insurance programs owned.