Bread with toppings such as meats, lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese is a favorite of many people. One of the mainstay menus of this fast food restaurant feels soft and filling. Its large and high size often makes the mouth difficult to bite. For those of you lovers of burgers, make sure you try the breakfast menu from What A Burger. Check out the Breakfast Hours Here.

If you do not want to fall apart when eating a burger, try some of these tricks.

– Cut off
If the size of the burger is too big and the mouth will not fit to bite it, you can cut the burger into four parts. Then each of these small pieces can be eaten one by one. That way, your cheeks will not be exposed to ketchup or mustard.

– Do not be pushed too hard
Burger stuff also there are liquid, such as ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise. If pressed too hard this liquid can drip and about the clothes. Make sure the thin plastic that wraps it stays at the end of the burger.