Shown with natural makeup and glamour is already commonplace. But what about gothic makeup? Not many are women who use gothic makeup except in certain events. But there’s nothing wrong if you want to experiment with different views. You can visit and find various types of gothic accessories that will suit your style.

Characteristic of gothic makeup usually in the form of dark eye makeup, dark lips, and pale face. This makeup style is indeed impressed creepy so it is suitable for certain occasions such as Helloween. However, you can also look beautiful with gothic makeup without being scary.

1. Face Makeup
Choose a foundation one level brighter than skin tone. This is to give the impression of a pale face. But avoid choosing a foundation that is too bright because it can make the face look strange. Apply evenly on the face to neck. Then add the white powder on the face surface.

Eyes Makeup
Apply eyeshadow base across the eyelids to eyeshadow colors more outgoing and long-lasting. Gothic makeup is synonymous with dark color eyeshadow. You can use colors like medium brown to gray on the eyelids. Then mix with eyeliner to form the paint’s eye and use mascara. A dark-toned makeup eye will focus attention on the eye area.

3. Lipstick
Gothic makeup style often uses dark colored lipstick like black, maroon or shades of purple like burgundy. Currently, black lipstick is much-loved. So it could not hurt you to try a black lipstick. You can frame your lips first with lip liner so that lipstick does not fall apart.

4. Avoid Using Too Thicker Makeup
To apply makeup with a gothic style you are also not recommended to use thick makeup. If you do not want to seem scary you can focus makeup on the lips or the eyes only.