Tangsel news have audience Control, allows the audience to be more flexible in choosing the news you want to get. Example: tangsel news provides a variety of columns for the selection of good news sports news, international news, entertainment and others. Nonlinearity, tangsel news allows each news to be delivered stand-alone so that the audience does not have to read in sequence to understand. Example: In an online news media page that is aired is a short and solid core tangsel news contains elements. Storage And Retrieval, allowing saved news and easy re-access. Example: If you go to the tangsel news page and search for “fire news of 25th October 2015”, it will open all the news that has ever aired on that date.

Unlimited Space, enabling a more complete amount of news. Example: tangsel news contains more news than some news but can contain a lot of news very much like Kompasiana.com or Detik.com. Immediacy, information delivered more quickly and directly. Example: tangsel news broadcast news at 01.00 am which time not long after the incident. Multimedia Capability, can display writing and audiovisual as well as other components simultaneously. Example: tangsel news can display news online with audiovisual format. Interactive, the audience can communicate interactively with the media to respond to newscasts. Example: tangsel news or other news media provides comment fields to accommodate public opinion.