Many people do not want to pay for servicing or washing their air conditioners because they want to save money. But do you know that if we do not do the treatment of aircon servicing to the air conditioners of ours, then we will actually suffer from many more losses rather than just the less amount of money that we have?

Unwashed or dirty air conditioners result in the accumulation of dust and dirt on the air filter. Filters that are dirty and dust-covered will block airflow and significantly reduce the effectiveness of AC work. Filthy filters will also cause dirt to enter the evaporator and reduce the evaporator’s ability to absorb heat. Similarly, for outdoor units or condensers on air conditioners, dust and dirt can as well accumulate faster, making condensers difficult to release heat. That is the reason why it is important for us to always provide the aircon servicing treatments for every air conditioner we have.