In the process of packing your belongings for moving, either from a home to another or from an old office to a new one, you have to do everything carefully. In this way, you will be able to make sure that all of your belongings will be able to be moved safely without getting damaged. To help you know how to pack your belongings carefully for moving, in the following will be listed some of the tips for the packing process. You may as well as experts such as those from a moving company to help you not only move your belongings but also pack them. You can check out one of the moving companies on 

– If you hate buying cardboard or should leave a few boxes in the outdoors, consider buying a plastic box. Discount stores are usually selling a plastic box with a price not much different from the carton. Plastic boxes are stronger than cardboard, have a handle, it can be stacked with a strong and waterproof.
– When packing, remember that towel, washcloth, and socks can be a good booster for glassware. Plastic bag from the drugstore can be a good booster for the trapping air pockets.
– Order the truck as soon as you know the date of transfer. A week before the day of departure, contact your service provider and confirm the booking of your truck.
– Use a Styrofoam plate for food so that the plate is not broken.
– Pack hygiene purposes the last as you will need it in the new house.
– Pack seasonal items, such as Christmas lights, jackets, and gardening tools in advance if you know that you will not need it until you move. Dispose or give stuff you do not need to others.
– A bag of clothes can be used as a barrier between the body glassware. Make sure you tie up a heavy bag and make sure the bag is not too full to avoid difficult to transport. Label the bag so that the bag is not mistaken for trash.