The use of credit cards can also be fatal in financial planning if not used wisely. Having a credit card does often make us complacent by buying things uncontrollably. Then should we not use a credit card? Not really, credit cards are created to ease the burden on one’s expenses. But to make effective use, you are required to be wise in using it. We can apply credit card use wisely in various ways such as utilizing a certain promo or 0% installment facility. In order to avoid the credit card debt trap, you can begin to record your card usage every month and limit the use of the card. If the usage limit has been exceeded, leave your credit card at home for no longer use. Switch to to get better life guarantees.

Lastly, a mistake in financial management that needs to be avoided is the fear of dealing with investments. Hearing the word investment will be directly associated with spending money in vain. Though investing or creating opportunities in the future, most people are still afraid to do so. Losses are things that often arise from the reason of fear of people investing. And if we do research and survey in advance then the investment will make financially healthy and avoid the consumptive behavior.